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Olympic ArcherySummer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

The Olympic archery competition in Paris 2024 will feature 64 men and 64 women - the same number as in every game since Atlanta Olympic 1996 - competing in five events, including a mixed team event. Olympic fans can buy Olympic Archery Tickets from our website. Before being revived at the Munich Olympics in 1972, archery first appeared at the Olympic Games in Paris in 1900, St. Louis in 1904, London in 1908, and Antwerp in 1920. The 1904 and 1908 Games were among the first to allow women to compete in the Olympics since they featured women's events. The team and mixed team events were added to the Olympic programs in Seoul in 1988 and Tokyo in 2020, respectively, and the competition in Olympic Games 2024 will include five events.
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