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NFL London TicketsThe NFL International Series

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NFL LondonThe NFL International Series

Anticipation is building for the beginning of the 2023 NFL season following confirmation that London will host three games in October.

The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will host two games and Wembley Stadium will host one. In a promotional video released on Wednesday, the NFL confirmed that the Jacksonville Jaguars will host the Atlanta Falcons at Wembley on October 1 before the Jags will then play as the away team against Buffalo Bills on October 8.

October 15 sees the Baltimore Ravens play the Tennessee Titans. Germany will also host two games, with the Miami Dolphins playing the Kansas City Chiefs on November 5 and then the Indianapolis Colts playing the New England Patriots a week later both at Frankfurt Stadium.

Digital Tickets - How do I download the tickets from the email?
You need to ensure you have Apple Wallet for iPhone or Google Pay for Android downloaded in advance. In the email there will be download buttons for both Apple Wallet and Google Pay alongside each seat you have purchased. Clicking the relevant button will download the ticket to your smartphone where you can save it. Once you have downloaded your own ticket, you will need to forward any other tickets in your email to the other members of your group.

Which smartphones are compatible?
Apple: All Face ID iPhones are supported, as are all Touch ID iPhones with the exception of the iPhone 5s. Digital ticketing is also available on all Apple Watch models.
Android: Phones must run the latest version of Android, where possible. Google Pay must be installed and up to date, and NFC must be enabled.

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