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  • Olympic Equestrian JumpingEQJ03 - Summer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

    Mon, Aug 05 - Tue, Aug 06, 2024

    Chateau de Versailles - Equestrian Jumping

    02:00 PM - 05:45 PM

    Paris, France

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Chateau de Versailles - Equestrian Jumping


Jumping Individual Qualifier

Chateau de Versailles - Equestrian Jumping

The Palace of Versailles is a former royal residence built by King Louis XIV located in Versailles, about 12 miles west of Paris, France.


Section / Block

Price per Ticket



Category D

1,100.00 USD

£ 896 GBP  /  € 1,254 EUR

Category C

1,210.00 USD

£ 985 GBP  /  € 1,379 EUR

Category B

1,320.00 USD

£ 1,075 GBP  /  € 1,505 EUR

Category A

1,402.00 USD

£ 1,142 GBP  /  € 1,598 EUR

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Olympic EquestrianSummer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

There are concurrent competitions for the team and individual medals. Each competitor completes a dressage test, a cross-country course, and a jumping course while mounted on the same horse. The scores of the team members from all three phases are then added up to determine the team medals. Olympic fans can buy Equestrian Eventing Tickets from our website. The group that accumulates the fewest penalty points wins the trophy. Following the first jumping round, the top 25 individuals compete in the second and final leaping round to determine individual medalists. Therefore, individuals vying for individual bragging rights complete one cross-country and dressage test, as well as two jumping rounds. Athletes are disqualified from the individual competition if they for whatever reason are unable to begin or complete any of the phases. Teams with eliminated athletes are penalized: during the dressage and jumping phases, 100 penalty points are deducted for each eliminated athlete; during the cross-country phase, 200 penalty points are deducted for each eliminated athlete.
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