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  • Olympic ShootingSHO21 - Summer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

    Mon, Aug 05, 2024

    Chateauroux Shooting Centre - Shooting

    09:30 AM - 10:50 AM

    Paris, France

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Chateauroux Shooting Centre - Shooting


Medal Event
25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men's Finals

Chateauroux Shooting Centre - Shooting

Centre National de Tir is a shooting range in Chateauroux, France. The construction work started on 31 March 2016. The 2017 IPSC Handgun World Shoot in August 2017 was the first major event to be held on the range. In 2018 the final parts of the shooting range were completed.


Section / Block

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Category D

550.00 USD

£ 448 GBP  /  € 627 EUR

Category C

660.00 USD

£ 537 GBP  /  € 752 EUR

Category B

770.00 USD

£ 627 GBP  /  € 878 EUR

Category A

825.00 USD

£ 672 GBP  /  € 941 EUR

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Olympic ShootingSummer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

The shooting competition in Tokyo 2020 held the distinction of giving away the first gold medal, and the rest of the competition did not disappoint. The competition will return to the Olympic calendar in Paris 2024. Shooting is a very concentrated and exact discipline that was one of the nine sports that were first featured in the Olympic Games in Athens in 1896. With the exception of the Olympic Games held in St. Louis in 1904 and Amsterdam in 1928, it has been a fixture ever since. Compared to the Athens 1896 competition, which had only five rifle, pistol, and shotgun events, the Paris Olympic 2024 competition will include 15. Olympic games fans can buy Olympic Shooting Tickets from our website
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