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  • Olympic Sport ClimbingCLB02 - Summer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

    Tue, Aug 06, 2024

    Le Bourget Sport Climbing Venue

    10:00 AM - 02:00 PM

    Le Bourget, France

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Le Bourget Sport Climbing Venue


Women's Boulder Semifinal
Men's Speed Qualification

Le Bourget Sport Climbing Venue

Address: 93350 Le Bourget, France


Section / Block

Price per Ticket



Category D

275.00 USD

£ 224 GBP  /  € 314 EUR

Category C

330.00 USD

£ 269 GBP  /  € 376 EUR

Category B

385.00 USD

£ 314 GBP  /  € 439 EUR

Category A

440.00 USD

£ 358 GBP  /  € 502 EUR

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Olympic Sport ClimbingSummer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

Since its Olympic debut in Tokyo 2020, sport climbing's framework has totally changed for Paris 2024. In Tokyo 2020, there was only one set of medals available for each gender; in Paris, there will be two. Paris Olympic 2024 fans can buy Olympic Sport Climbing Tickets from our website. A gold medal will be offered in each of the two events, speed and boulder and lead combined, as opposed to competing in a single event that combines boulder, lead, and speed. The speed event is anticipated to crown new Olympic champions in Paris 2024 because Alberto Gines (Spain), who is the current Olympic champion, is an expert in bouldering, and Janja Garnbret, an expert in lead climbing, respectively. A more open competition with more athletes vying for first place on the podium will result from the format adjustment. Athletes will, however, first need to qualify for Paris 2024 through new qualification processes before they can compete on the Olympic stage.
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