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  • Olympic Sport ClimbingCLB06 W - Boulder & lead - Final - Summer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

    Sat, Aug 10, 2024

    Le Bourget Sport Climbing Venue

    10:15 AM - 01:20 PM

    Le Bourget, France

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Le Bourget Sport Climbing Venue


CLB06 W - Boulder & lead - Final Scheduled events (subject to change): Women's Boulder & Lead Final

Le Bourget Sport Climbing Venue

Address: 93350 Le Bourget, France


Section / Block

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Category C

577.00 EUR


Category B

768.00 EUR


Category A

944.00 EUR


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Olympic Sport ClimbingSummer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

Sport Climbing, an electrifying and multifaceted pursuit, debuted at the Tokyo 2020 Games, intertwining lead climbing, bouldering, and speed climbing. The event provided a dynamic platform for climbers to display their agility and adaptability on an unconventional vertical canvas.

Diverse talents from Slovenia, Japan, and the United States made their mark in Olympic Sport Climbing. Athletes like Slovenia's Janja Garnbret, Japan's Tomoa Narasaki, and Nathaniel Coleman from the United States exhibited exceptional prowess across the climbing disciplines.

Slovenia emerged as a force in Sport Climbing, with Janja Garnbret etching her name in history by claiming gold in both women's lead and combined events. The collective performance of climbers from across the globe amplified the universal appeal of Sport Climbing.

As Sport Climbing secures its place in the Olympic lineup, upcoming editions, including Paris 2024, promise to unveil new heights of climbing techniques and the ascent of fresh talents in this gripping sport.

The Sport Climbing competition at the Paris 2024 Summer Games is slated to unfold from August 5 to 10 at Le Bourget Sport Climbing Venue in Saint-Denis, marking its return after its debut at Tokyo 2020. The Games will expand to feature four separate medal events, detaching the bouldering-and-lead combination from the speed format. Unlike Tokyo 2020, Paris 2024 anticipates a substantial rise in sport climbers, elevating the roster size from 40 to 68 athletes, presenting an even more thrilling and competitive landscape for enthusiasts.
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