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Honouring Our Mothers TicketsMuslim Charity presents a 5-City Tour (supporting mothers and newborns around the world)

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Honouring Our MothersMuslim Charity presents a 5-City Tour (supporting mothers and newborns around the world)

Muslim Charity's “Honouring Our Mothers” campaign is about raising awareness and funds to help in saving the lives of mothers and children. It focuses on countries such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Somalia and Yemen. These countries have some of the poorest maternal and child mortality rates in the world.

Mothers are at the heart of society. When a mother dies, her young child is ten times more likely to also die in developing countries around the world. The surviving children are often taken out of school. They are sent out to work as child labor. Or they end up on the streets with no one to care for them.

The previous “Honouring Our Mothers” campaigns of Muslim Charity, resulted in the generous support and contributions from donors. These donations helped to save the lives of over 40,000 mothers and children in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Lebanon and India. The 5-City UK tour of Honouring Our Mothers 2016 will build on this remarkable achievement to raise more awareness and funds for this noble cause.

Three of Pakistan’s celebrated personalities from three different genres come together for Honouring Our Mothers 2016 campaign. Waseem Badami is one of the most watched media personalities in Pakistan. Adnan Siddiqui is a leading Pakistani actor and model who has worked in Lollywood, Hollywood and Pakistani drama serials. Najam Sheraz is a famous Pakistani pop singer, songwriter, music producer and composer.
Honouring Our Mothers
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