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Khabardar Talk Show TicketsAftab Iqbal with his Team - Talk Show and Stage Play

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Khabardar Talk ShowAftab Iqbal with his Team - Talk Show and Stage Play

Aftab Iqbal along with his all team conducting comedy show in Canada for the first time. Be part of the show in Edmonton, Saskatoon, Calgary & Vancouver.

Khabardar is an Urdu & Punjabi comedy television show that airs at 11:05pm on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays on Express News.

The main theme of this program is that a person sitting in the show tells a strange or unusual news and the comedians of the show start joking about it by pointing another comedian of the show, or in any other way.

Every episode of the show consists of a combination of a subset of the following segments.

  1. First and main segment is that in which the anchor person, Mr. Aftab Iqbal, presents a topic of discussion for the show. The actors/comedians either as present themselves as parody-guests or perform a short skit. Sometimes, the guests also include famous personalities, such as, politicians, players and actors.
  2. Another segment is that in which an old song is re-performed by singers and musicians present in the show. Some of the singers that have performed on the show are:
    • Mughira Ahmad
    • Saira Tahir
    • Vicky
    • Zain
    • Joel Junaid
  3. Another segment is that some of the comedians of the show present a short skit. These skits often revolve around the common social evils prevalent in the society.
  4. Another segment is named "Movies, Books and People". In this segment, they present information about some famous movies of the past, the books on the base of which those movies were made and the actors, directors, producers and writers of those movies.
  5. Another segment is named "Frange-Asfia". In this segment the host, Aftab Iqbal, presents etymology of a couple of words of Urdu, that evolved radically either due to a mistake of an author or mistake of publisher or due to mishearing of listener.
  6. Another segment is named "Ibn-e-Batuta". In this segment the host, Aftab Iqbal discuss famous places of world, that include famous cities, rivers, countries etc.

Throughout the show, the comedians keep interrupting with funny or satirical one-liners.

Khabardar Talk Show
Khabardar in Canada

Book Khabardar Canada Tickets Online Edmonton (16 Sept), Saskatoon (17 Sept), Calgary (18 Sept), Vancouver (23 Sept)

Posted by on Sunday, September 11, 2016

Pehchan PromotionsEvent Organizer for Khabardar Talk Show

Pehchan PromotionsAn event planning and organizing company that deals in planning, organizing and managing of events. We cater to promote multiculturalism in the community. Pehchan Promotions is organizing Khabardar Comedy /Talk Shows in major cities of the Canada in cooperation with Hunjra Traders Ltd. in Western Canada.

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