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  • Olympic BadmintonBDM25 - Summer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

    Mon, Aug 05, 2024

    Porte de La Chapelle Arena - Badminton

    09:45 AM - 12:30 PM

    Paris, France

. .

Porte de La Chapelle Arena - Badminton


Medal Event
W - Singles: Bronze, Fina

Porte de La Chapelle Arena - Badminton

Address: 58 Bd Ney, 75018 Paris, France


Section / Block

Price per Ticket



Category C

935.00 EUR


Category B

1,013.00 EUR


Category A

1,116.00 EUR


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Olympic BadmintonSummer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

Debuting on the Olympic stage with flair in the 1992 Olympic during the Barcelona Summer Games, badminton swiftly evolved into a captivating spectacle, featuring riveting men's and women's singles and doubles events. The subsequent infusion of excitement came in 1996 at the Atlanta Olympics, introducing the mixed doubles event.

China has cemented its status as a powerhouse in Olympic badminton, consistently producing exceptional players who claim a plethora of gold, silver, and bronze medals. Among these stars, Lin Dan, affectionately known as Super Dan, etched his name in history by clinching gold in both Beijing 2008 and London 2012. Meanwhile, on the Malaysian front, the eminent men's singles player Lee Chong Wei boasts an impressive collection of three Olympic silver medals.

Zhang Ning of China stands tall as a two-time Olympic gold medalist in women's singles, achieving triumphs in the Sydney Olympics 2000 and Athens 2004. Recent Olympic editions, from the captivating battles in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 to the intense clashes in Tokyo in 2020/2021, showcased a thrilling display of competition among players representing diverse countries.

Anticipation builds for the Paris 2024 Olympics, where badminton tournaments are poised to captivate audiences from July 27 to August 5 at Porte de la Chapelle Arena. With a total of 172 badminton players, evenly distributed across genders, vying for glory in five medal events (two per gender and a mixed event), these Games promise to uphold the electrifying standard set by their predecessors.
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