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  • Olympic Canoe SlalomCSL01 M - Canoe: heats / W - kayak: heats - Summer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

    Sat, Jul 27, 2024

    Vaires-sur-Marne Nautical St. - Whitewater - Canoe slalom

    03:00 PM - 07:10 PM

    Vaires-sur-Marne, France

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Vaires-sur-Marne Nautical St. - Whitewater - Canoe slalom


CSL01 M - Canoe: heats / W - kayak: heats Scheduled events (subject to change): Men's Canoe Heats Women's Kayak Heats

Vaires-sur-Marne Nautical St. - Whitewater - Canoe slalom

The Vaires-sur-Marne Nautical Stadium, delivered in June 2019, will host the Olympic rowing and canoe-kayak events, and the Paralympic para-rowing and para canoe-kayak events at the Vaires-Torcy leisure complex in 2024. The French Rowing and Canoe-Kayak Federations are delighted with this brand-new Nautical Stadium, which was the first newly developed Olympic facility to be delivered, in 2019. Designed by the architects Auer+Weber+Assoziierte, the complex is structured around three core features of the Vaires-Torcy leisure base: the lake, the white-water stadium and the living area, which includes the new buildings with a landscaped roof that can be accessed for walks. The 4,400 sqm sports centre comprises the new white-water stadium and its two courses over 300 and 150 metres; the 2,200m rowing and sprint canoe-kayak course, equipped with a finishing tower; a sports medicine centre; a weight-training centre; various administrative spaces and a media centre. In addition to a training and accommodation centre. This outstanding hub will bring together the representative bodies of these water sports and welcome athletes of all levels: for canoeing-kayaking, it is already home to the headquarters of the French Federation and its regional committee, as well as its national and youth hubs; for rowing, it will be home to the Île-de-France Rowing League and its youth hub, as well as the French Rowing Federation’s logistics platform. The overall complex is an international centre of excellence for sport. Along with Beijing and Sydney, it is one of three sites in the world with the facilities needed to host the Olympic and Paralympic canoe-kayak and rowing events.


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Olympic Canoe SlalomSummer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

Debuting amidst the challenging waters of the Munich Olympic Games in 1972, Canoe Slalom embarked on its Olympic journey, demanding precision and skill in navigating canoes or kayaks through turbulent whitewater courses. Athletes' agility shines as they steer through gates and rapids, showcasing their technical mastery.

Across Olympic history, the Olympic Canoe Slalom evolved, adapting courses, rules, and formats. Athletes from diverse nations exhibited remarkable prowess on the tumultuous waters, highlighting agility and expertise.

Nations like the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia), France, and Germany emerged as formidable forces in Canoe Slalom. Athletes such as Tony Estanguet of France and Michal Martikán of Slovakia etched their names, clinching multiple Olympic medals, reflecting their mastery of the discipline.

Tony Estanguet's legacy boasts three Olympic gold medals, a testament to his remarkable feats across different Games, securing his stature as one of Canoe Slalom's revered athletes.

Looking forward, the Canoe Slalom events at Paris 2024 are slated to unfold between July 27 and August 5, promising thrilling displays of skill and mastery in navigating challenging whitewater courses.
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