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  • Olympic SkateboardingSKB08 M - Park final - Summer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

    Wed, Aug 07, 2024

    La Concorde - Skateboarding Park

    05:30 PM - 07:00 PM

    Paris, France

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La Concorde - Skateboarding Park


SKB08 M - Park final Scheduled events (subject to change): Men's Park Final

La Concorde - Skateboarding Park

The Place de la Concorde is one of the major public squares in Paris, France. Measuring 7.6 ha in area, it is the largest square in the French capital. It is located in the city's eighth arrondissement, at the eastern end of the Champs-Élysées.


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Olympic SkateboardingSummer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

Skateboarding, an electrifying and ever-evolving sport, burst onto the Olympic scene at Tokyo 2020, spotlighting athletes' prowess on street and park courses. The contests, encompassing both individual and team events, unveiled the innovative techniques and imaginative skills of skateboarders.

The United States, Japan, and Brazil emerged as dominant forces in Olympic Skateboarding, their athletes clinching medals across diverse events. Maestros like Nyjah Huston from the United States and Japan's Yuto Horigome dazzled with their gold-winning performances in the street discipline.

Brazil's mastery in the park discipline was on full display, led by athletes like Pedro Barros and Pedro Quintas, who showcased awe-inspiring skills on the ramps. Their stellar displays significantly contributed to Brazil's triumph in Olympic Skateboarding.

With Skateboarding's return at Paris 2024, fresh talents are poised to redefine the sport, introducing innovative styles and new manoeuvres on the global platform. The second Olympic appearance promises to uphold the sport's status as a riveting addition to the Games, brimming with youthful energy and endless creativity.

The Skateboarding events, set to unfold from July 27 to August 7 at Place de la Concorde, mark the sport's return after its successful debut in Tokyo 2020. As the roster expands from 80 to 88 athletes across four medal events for both men and women (street and park), Paris 2024 anticipates a showcase of unparalleled talent, elevating the competition to new heights.
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