Jamaica Copa America

Copa America 2024

The Copa America, serving as South America's premier tournament in senior men's soccer, holds the pivotal role of determining the continental champion. Formerly recognized as the South American Championship until 1967, it proudly stands as the world's oldest continental championship.

Notably, Jamaica, although not a member of the South American football confederation CONMEBOL, has become a recurring presence in the Copa America since 1993. This inclusion stems from the fact that CONMEBOL has only ten member associations, leading to the regular invitation of guest nations.

Jamaica Copa America team made its debut in 2015, finishing their campaign at the bottom of the standings in a group that included Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay. The following year, the team returned for the Copa America Centenario, having secured an invitation as winners of the 2014 Caribbean Cup. Once again, they faced formidable opposition and ended the tournament in the group stage.

In a notable turn of events, Jamaica secured qualification for the Copa America 2024 by advancing to the semifinals of the 2023–24 CONCACAF Nations League A, where they triumphed over Canada in the quarter-finals. As they embark on this journey, Jamaica's national football team aims to make an impact and elevate their standing in the prestigious Copa America competition.