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Dubai Super Cup TicketsDubai Super Cup 2022

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Dubai Super CupDubai Super Cup 2022

As the World Cup fever starts to kick in, football fans in the UAE have yet another reason to get excited about it. The Dubai Super Cup 2022 has officially been announced and the event will see top clubs arriving in Dubai to make the most of this season’s winter break.

As per the official announcement, it’s been revealed that four teams from major European leagues will participate in the Dubai Super Cup 2022. The participating teams are as follows: 

Liverpool FC, 6-time holders of the European Champions League
Arsenal FC, the current king of the Premier League table 
AC Milan, 7-time holders of the European Champions League
Olympique Lyonnais, 8-time holders of the French Cup 

Excluding the players participating in the World Cup, these top clubs are expected to bring out their respective big guns for the Dubai Super Cup 2022.
Dubai Super Cup
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