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  • England vs B2England vs Group B Runner Up - T20 World Cup 2022

    Wed, Oct 26, 2022

    Melbourne Cricket Ground

    03:00 PM - 08:00 PM

    Melbourne, Australia

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Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Ground

The Melbourne Cricket Ground, also known locally as "The 'G", is an Australian sports stadium located in Yarra Park, Melbourne, Victoria.


Section / Block

Price per Ticket



Category D (Max 2 Seats Together)

195.50 GBP

AU$ 346 / US$ 237

Category C (Max 2 Seats Together)

207.00 GBP

AU$ 366 / US$ 250

Category B (Max 2 Seats Together)

218.50 GBP

AU$ 387 / US$ 264

Category D (Max 6 Seats Together)

218.50 GBP

AU$ 387 / US$ 264

Category C (Max 6 Seats Together)

230.00 GBP

AU$ 407 / US$ 278

Category B (Max 6 Seats Together)

241.50 GBP

AU$ 427 / US$ 292

Category A (Max 2 Seats Together)

287.50 GBP

AU$ 509 / US$ 348

Category A (Max 6 Seats Together)

333.50 GBP

AU$ 590 / US$ 404

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