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  • Olympic HockeyHOC18 W - Pool: Belgium vs Japan, M - Pool: Spain vs South Africa - Summer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

    Wed, Jul 31, 2024

    Yves-du-Manoir Stadium - Pitch 1 - Hockey

    05:00 PM - 10:00 PM

    Paris, France

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Yves-du-Manoir Stadium - Pitch 1 - Hockey


HOC18 W - Pool: Belgium vs Japan, M - Pool: Spain vs South Africa Scheduled events (subject to change): Women's Pool Match 5.00pm: Belgium vs Japan Men's Pool Match 7.45pm: Spain vs South Africa

Yves-du-Manoir Stadium - Pitch 1 - Hockey

The Stade Yves-du-Manoir (officially Stade olympique Yves-du-Manoir, also known as the Stade olympique de Colombes, or simply Colombes to the locals) is a rugby, track and association football stadium in Colombes, near Paris, France. Named in memory of French rugby player Yves du Manoir in 1928, it was the main stadium for the 1924 Summer Olympics and had a capacity of 45,000 at the time. During the 1924 games, it hosted athletics, cycling, horse riding, gymnastics, tennis, some football, rugby, and two of the modern pentathlon events (running, and fencing). The Olympic races involving Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell which are portrayed in the film Chariots of Fire were run here, although the stadium was not used for the film.


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Olympic HockeySummer Olympics - Paris Olympic 2024

Hockey, a dynamic team sport, has been a constant presence in the Olympic Games since its inception. The Olympic Hockey competitions, dating back to 1908 for men and 1980 for women, have been a showcase of skillful play, team coordination, and intense rivalries.

Numerous nations have excelled in Olympic Hockey, with powerhouses like India, the Netherlands, Australia, and Germany leaving an indelible mark on the sport's rich history. These countries consistently fielded formidable teams, competing at the highest level and securing medals across various editions of the Games.

India, with a legendary legacy, especially in the early years, boasts an impressive tally of Olympic Hockey gold medals. The Netherlands, Australia, and Germany have also significantly contributed to the sport's narrative, demonstrating their prowess and elevating the competitive landscape of Olympic Hockey.

The men's and women's hockey tournaments at the Paris 2024 Olympics hold the promise of thrilling matches and intense competition. Teams from across the globe will vie for supremacy, aiming to etch their names in Olympic Hockey history. The fast-paced gameplay, strategic maneuvers, and the pursuit of Olympic glory will unfold on the hockey fields, captivating fans and embodying the enduring spirit of this exhilarating team sport.

Scheduled to take place from 27 July to 9 August at Stade Yves-du-Manoir, a historic venue from the 1924 Summer Olympics, the field hockey tournaments in Paris 2024 will feature twenty-four teams (twelve each for men and women) competing for Olympic honors.
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