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Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi TicketsThe Legend in Live Concert - UK Tour 2016

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Attaullah Khan EsakhelviThe Legend in Live Concert - UK Tour 2016

Attaullah Khan Niazi Esakhelvi also known as 'lala' is a Pakistani award-winning musician from Isakhel, Mianwali, Punjab. He was thrown out of his house for wanting to become a singer, against his father's wishes. Attaullah's hits include Qameez Teri Kaali, Idhar Zindagi ka Janaza,Raatan, We Bol Sanwal, Ishq Main Hum Tumain Kya Batayain, Theva Mundri tha Theva, Woh Bahar Ka Zamana, Mahi Wasey Mera and Aaaj Kala Choda Pa. The Government of Pakistan awarded him the Pride of Performance Award in 1991.
Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi
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